Boost your walking, start bonxing!

Walking is brilliant for us but what would make us want to walk more?

Let’s boost our walking and make it fun. Let’s make it bonxing!

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Boosted walking

Bonxing is the best way to move from A to B. It is boosted walking that utilizes wrist weights and our whole body. It is the art of walking brilliantly

In principle any wrist weights are usable but we recommend BonxiesTM that are especially designed for bonxing. They are adjustable, washable and beautiful. Additionally, they feel smooth on your wrists and fit both over and under your sleeves.

When we can walk, we can bonx: on our way to work, doing the groceries, going on a date, night clubbing, on a beach, in falling snow, on a hill, on a flowery field, in the urban jungle, with your friends, on your own time, on the moonlight. Whenever, wherever. You decide.

BonxiesTM wrist weights

BonxiesTM are wrist weights that are especially designed for bonxing.

  • They weight 250 grams each which is according to specialists ideal for wrist weights used for bonxing.
  • They are adjustable and comfortable.
  • Fit perfectly both over and under your sleeves.
  • You can use them even with your smartwatch on.
  • Designed and manufactured ecologically in cooperation with Sideflow using spare fabric from the textile industry.
  • They are machine washable and come in several beautiful patterns.

ATTENTION! These wrist weights are so brilliant that you simply cannot stop bonxing.

Our Story

Our BonxiesTM story started in October 2020. Six months earlier Covid made us all outdoor exercisers. We love walking but some boosting was needed with the little time we had available. Contacted physiotherapist for advice. She suggested trying wrist weights and paying attention to the way we walk. ”Often people just sloppily drag their feet”, she said.

Eagerly we went to the nearest chain store selling wrist weights. They had two models, both black, baggy and ugly. Because the salesperson could not really explain how they differ, we bought the cheaper ones. At home, we noticed that these were really only designed for that man doing fitness in his basement pictured on the package. These wrist weights were smelly and far too loose to stay in place.

This cannot be, we deserve something better! And so started a product development project that created our beloved BonxiesTM and the best hobby ever called Bonxing.

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